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Chris D'Anda
Chris D'Anda

Celebrity stylist Chris D'Anda of Je Jeune Salon wanted to do something that could help people maintain their style and help others who have less. So in hopes to achieve this she is starting this program, which will hopefully bring people together.

What to bring…

Newly purchased canned goods only, a minimum of 25 cans of food that can be eaten out of a can. Please bring things like tuna, fruit, beans not tomato sauce or inedible foods that need to be prepared. Dog food & Cat food is also welcomed.

Please generous when shopping thank you!

Why I’m doing it…

To help low- income individuals who are struggling to provide food for their families and pets.

How much you save…

Haircut @ $65.00 (value $125)

Valid through July 31, 2017

Single process color @ $75.00 (value $145)

Valid through July 31, 2017


Appointment required


Je Jeune salon

6348 Longview Ave
Hollywood CA 90068