Colours in your home can affect your mood

Particular shades can have a massive impact on how you feel about your home. And while some colours can have you feeling inspired and happy, others could be secretly dragging you down.

While a lot of us are working at home because of Coronavirus, now is the best time to have a look around in the colors in your house and think about the effect it may be having in your moods. You might be amazed by the changes a few smaller tweaks can bring.

The kitchen

Often thought of as the centre of the house, the kitchen should feel like a place for enjoyment and sharing, whether you are sharing the final piece of cake, or the narrative of your day while propped up on the kitchen bench.

The living room

A living room is where a large part of your time in your home will be spent. It is a place with many functions, from relaxing with a great book and enjoying a film night, to creating memories with family and catching up with friends.

The home office

Consider what colours are there, whether the furniture arrangement is taking advantage of the space and if you may need some greenery.

These are just three of the rooms in your house. I’m sure if you think about the colours you have used in each room and make changes where necessary, this lockdown we are all under at the moment, won’t seem as bad.