Merbau Decking for your Living room floor

The living room is where a household relaxes as a family. It is where its daily treatment of each household member is both reflected and extended when receiving guests. It is the most open area in the house where a great exchange of energy is processed. An ambience made of Merbau decking or stains for your living room floor could facilitate positive energy because of the natural aura it brings to a room. This and many more that are enlisted below are the perks you’ll get hold of if you choose to use this great wooden resource.

  1. Durability

Merbau, pronounced as mer-boo, also known as ipil or kwila, combines an unusual density and strength to establish its durability that could withstand up to 40 years of life. Compared to other timber, this remains the most preferred when making outdoor decking and furniture.

  • Organic Properties

Merbau is a tropical timber that naturally grows in different regions of the Southeast Pacific rim which includes Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Northern Queensland, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The natural oil in kwila makes it extremely durable that decay may start around 15 years in some cases. Considering that Merbau can be used untreated, that’s a pretty long time before thinking decay.

  • Termite-resistant

Merbau’s natural oil, with high tannin content, adds up not only to its durability, but also to be resistant to weather, termites, and therefore, decay. This makes it the most highly valued timber material for timber colour decking, outdoor, and indoor flooring. It also a type of hardwood that most manufacturers are using for outdoor construction.

  • Bushfire Resistant

Being one of the 7 timbers that have been approved by Australian for regional use that are believed to be prone to bushfire, Merbau doesn’t catch fire easily, compared to the other flammable kinds.

  • Versatility

Merbau timber is a type of hardwood that a lot of manufacturers use, most especially in outdoor construction. Besides the fact that it is a versatile wood product, it gets utilized for general construction and large-scale projects in addition to common use for outdoor settings. Ex. Barbecue trolleys, flooring, fitting, and joinery purposes.

  • Beauty

This particular wooden product has a calming appearance with its colours ranging from a beautiful orange-brown colour, which turns red as it ages. As the colour between boards stays as a variable, it gives a fresh organic, natural look to your living room. Merbau indoor flooring is best complimented with huge windows to highlight its inclination to a natural vibe.

  • Affordability

Because of its advantages with durability being its very asset, Merbau decking could roughly double the cost of quality wall carpet, but it stays as the cheapest amongst any wooden floor covering. Its competitive price gives you longevity, assurance, and termite-free interior flooring. Those three factors could tell investing in Merbau would be one of the best life choices you’ll ever do.

  • Sustainability

Because it’s not expected to decay until the 15th year after installation, without any medication or treatment needed, usage of it saves the earth from further industrialization of Merbau trees. In terms of cleaning this kind of wood, its natural oil sets it to be one of the sturdiest, durable, and versatile. If there are no harmful chemicals that will be used, that’s good and longevity justifies the price vs. appraisal over time. It prevents you from buying again and again because of its quality.

Merbau wood is recognized globally for its performance, competitive beauty, and stability. It is one of the best timber materials from across the world. With the same reputation as oak, the world, particularly Australia and Europe, recognizes Merbau decking to be one of the best for your internal flooring.