New ideas for lighting features

Lighting has a both a practical and aesthetic function, and can be achieved by natural and artificial sources of light. Artificial sources include halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes and LED lighting, and the main natural source of light is obtained from the sun. Using the sun to naturally light a space instead of using artificial lighting can save energy and help energy consumption of a building. 

Using appropriate lighting can enhance the appearance of an area and impact positively on the mental state of its inhabitants. Commercial interior designers can teach you how to most effectively integrate lighting into the interior space of a building. An application you may not have considered is the subtlety of integrating it into walls. It can have a unique effect through click on timber battens which brings a subtle soft effect, especially to large interior spaces.

Exterior wall lighting is an amazing way to light up your home. It brings a sense of modernity and sophistication, whilst also providing necessary illumination. Also, don’t forget the outdoor spaces and that lighting plays an important role in landscape projects.

We have many ideas to share with you! Here’s our top ideas to bring more light in to your life.

Clean lines

For minimum styling, you can’t go wrong with crisp and clean lighting that is integrated into walls and hallways. It adds interest and a decorative effect. Follow the line of the room and provide with necessary illumination to relax in the space. Most popular with interior design companies in Melbourne use indirect strip lighting which provides an elegant result. This is the type of lighting that throws light downward for safety as one walks along the path. 

Embrace your curves

The popularity of curves these days goes well beyond curved walls. These days curves are very popular in interior decorating, including round mirrors, and rounded lighting on walls or hanging pendants. Mirrors can be accentuated even more with lighting, they can be back-lit which turns them into much more of a feature that merely looking at your reflection. Hanging ceiling lights in round shapes are very popular and give a feature statement to the room. Rounded lighting fittings in a house with curved walls will go well with the surrounding. Try installing a circular wall light anywhere near your front door, which also provides safety. 

A warm welcome to your home

The entrance to your home says a lot about you. Lighting up your door frames using installed lights like LED’s on either side of your front door to get the right amount of illumination will frame your doorway with a pleasant glow which is very welcoming. Try an external wall light with unique design for a great statement piece as you enter your property. Install specific wall lights in between the windows for instant curb appeal, adding symmetry to the lighting. Using circular lights can be a great way to add contrast to straight lines and edges of your property. An important factor for any outdoor lighting is to ensure that it is waterproof in order to be weather resistant and safe.

Outdoor ambience 

For a relaxing atmosphere think about adding ambient lighting to outdoor areas, including lighting up feature garden areas, and seating areas. Outdoor lighting brings an aesthetic appeal and style to your front door area or backyard whilst also providing safety to walk around at night. 

Garden variety lights bring a relaxing glow when you install exterior wall lights around the backyard of your house. Make sure that the lights point downwards to avoid direct glare and provide path illumination. Using lantern fixtures on both the sides of your front door is a classic feature and is one good way to add visual interest whilst providing light for safety purposes. Unique design with industrial finish will surely captivate any guests. Place a vintage-inspired lantern on both the sides of your patio doors providing illumination. 

Outside wall lights can be used to create a rustic and a well-lit getaway. Make sure to provide adequate lighting for comfort and safety of family and guests for a seating.

What about fire and light! Something to bring your outdoor space into its social best is a fire pit. Increasing in popularity in recent years, an outdoor firepit brings people together outside. choose a fashionable fixture to add ambient light from an outside wall to the warm glow of the fire table.

Outdoor lighting is the ideal example of function meeting forms. Providing safety in the dark, exterior wall lights makes your home elegant and appealing. Adding wall fixtures to your house brings out the finest look of your exterior decor.